Sobre Nós


Mira was born in 1979 in a small village in the North of Portugal located in Minho, a region recognized not only for being the heart of the textile industry but also for the tranquility of our nature, for the gastronomy and for the strong personality of our people. We like to maintain traditions, warm welcomes and we love what is ours, what is Portuguese!

At Mira we are a family business, we work with generations of employees who have been with us since our first small steps. We are proud to be one of the few brands that produces in its own factory and also on the fact that all our products are entirely produced in Portugal.

"We are proud to be a brand founded by women, made by women and dedicated to design products for women."


For us having our own factory is an incredible advantage, allows us to constantly optimize our production processes, reduce our carbon footprint and control the quality of our products from the beginning of our designs to the final preparation and shipments to our customers and resellers around the world.

We believe that success comes when honesty, trust and tradition are celebrated, so we are focused on our products transmitting our origins, demonstrating the quality of our team, our perseverance and desire to create incredible sensations for our customers.